Another Community Cast is right around the corner, and this episode will tackle the hot topic of… PvP! Get ready for 40 minutes of one of the most sensitive subject in online gaming.  🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing what some of the SOE folks feel about PvP gameplay and how it’s been panning out in their recent titles. Your hosts for the eveing will be: Sr Community Relations Manager Eric “Piestro” Cleaver Planetside 2’s Margaret “Luperza” Krohn DC Universe … Continue reading

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This week’s Wizardry Online webcast should prove rather interesting, as Community Manager Virrago recently announced we’ll be getting a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon for WO fans. Associate Producer Rod Haza has info on the upcoming update as well as some live streaming of things to come. Don’t miss it! Watch the stream Tuesday, April 23, 2013, at 3:00 p.m. Pacific, 6:00 p.m. Eastern on SOE’s official Twitch TV channel. Link: Wizardry Online Webcast Announcement Thread

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Showcasing their partnership with and unified platform for online game wikis, SOE’s latest webcast puts wikis for PlanetSide 2, Wizardry Online, EverQuest II, and the newly-added Vanguard on display. Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 4:00 PM PST* on Twitch TV. Linda “Brasse” Carlson (Global Director of Community Relations) Colette “Dexella” Murphy (Community Manager) Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges (Wiki Project Manager)  

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The launch of Wizardry Online has arrived! Senior Global Brand Manager Dariani returns with Senior Producer Todd Carson and Associate Producer Rod Haza with the latest information on the new content, future releases and the cool rewards that are going out the the thousand of players that played, PK’d and tested throughout closed and open beta! Watch the Wizardry Online Webcast this Thursday, January 31st, 2013, at 4:00PM PST on Twitch TV! Source: SOE Community Announcements

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The Tavern Podcast has returned as The Wizard’s Tavern, and its first full length episode will be available Thursday, January 31st. The re-vamped podcast will be available through iTunes, with additional access for other users via new feed:  Be sure to follow @tavernpodcast on Twitter for the latest news and episodes announcements. Welcome back, Kyler!

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The mettle-testing MMORPG, Wizardry Online, enters Open Beta and heads for a January 16th release according to the  game’s producers in their latest webcast. Producer Todd Carson and Associate Producer Rod Haza sat down with Brand Manager Omeed Dariani to discuss what’s in the near future for Wizardry Online fans. Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown: Initial cutscenes now have an “ESC to skip” option Release date set for January 16th, 2013 Open Beta live with new patches, CBT … Continue reading

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