Another Community Cast is right around the corner, and this episode will tackle the hot topic of… PvP! Get ready for 40 minutes of one of the most sensitive subject in online gaming.  🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing what some of the SOE folks feel about PvP gameplay and how it’s been panning out in their recent titles. Your hosts for the eveing will be: Sr Community Relations Manager Eric “Piestro” Cleaver Planetside 2’s Margaret “Luperza” Krohn DC Universe … Continue reading

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Illfalo Gazette Skewed views and other news from Wizardry Online 01 MAR 2013, Issue 003 FOUR-THIEF PULSE TEAM TACKLES UNDERGROUND DRAGOON RUINS UDR – Having the odds stacked against them isn’t a concern for Pulse during their late night dungeon roams, as evident by their recent victory captured on video by Gibberish, also known as Xionanx on YouTube, and not to be confused with XXXionanXXX, XIonanIX, or XlegolasX. “We were up late, dead tired from a marathon grind for the … Continue reading

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The Wizardry Original Video Animation (OVA) is a Wizardry tutorial, dungeon adventure and anime all wrapped up in one. Something to watch during those current extended login queueueueueues. 😉   Many thanks to Otakatt on the official forums for digging this one up!

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The mettle-testing MMORPG, Wizardry Online, enters Open Beta and heads for a January 16th release according to the  game’s producers in their latest webcast. Producer Todd Carson and Associate Producer Rod Haza sat down with Brand Manager Omeed Dariani to discuss what’s in the near future for Wizardry Online fans. Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown: Initial cutscenes now have an “ESC to skip” option Release date set for January 16th, 2013 Open Beta live with new patches, CBT … Continue reading

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Koranian recently joined the Wizardry Online community and dove straight into the game,  writing up his first impressions with the game and creating a set of gameplay videos to share with those who have not yet experienced the game. “So I thought why not give it a go…” One of the cool things about the review is that it explores how Wizardry Online differs from what’s out there in mainstream MMOs, and he does so without bringing any of the … Continue reading

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Beta tester and YouTube video author, Josjikawa, has a sweet collection of dungeon walkthroughs, from Caligrase Sewers to Aria Reservior. Great for helping you get out of a tight spot or getting past a tough puzzle. Enjoy!     Josjikawa’s Wizardry Walkthroughs»

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Xionanx has been hard at work preparing a collection of videos throughout closed beta. With the NDA lifted, he’s got you covered from creation to level 8 with walkthrough of major content and basic dungeon runs. Visit Xionanx’s channel on YouTube and take a look!  

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