Version 4.12 of Cosmic Forge, Mad God’s Wizardry 8 Editor, has just been released! List of changes: General: Version has been changed to 4.12 W8: General: “Rectangular Parallelepiped” has changed to “Box” throughout the interface. W8: NPC Editor: Scripts Tabs: More Script Blocks have distinct names now, some names changed. W8: Location Editor: Terrain Tab: Fixed crash bug occuring when trying to create Physical Walls Box around Selected Faces. W8: Location Editor: Triggers Tab: Fixed bug when the currently selected … Continue reading

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Public chat, small unions, medium unions… there are plenty of uses for a central Teamspeak server. If nothing else, not having to worry about hosting or maintaining your own is always a nice thing. Over on the official forums, Ombre’s got a thread to see what kind of interest there is one for a 512 slot public Teamspeak server. If you’re interested, head over to his post on the Wizardry Online boards and let him know. For those not familiar … Continue reading

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Are you one of those players that wants to squeeze the most points out of character creation? Has your quest for that 20+ bonus roll been a repetitive exercise in despair? Xionanx and several others on the AutoHotKey forums might have a solution for you. They been collectively crafting a Wizardry Online reroll macro that seems to be in pretty decent shape right now. To join the thread and get the macro, click here. Good luck!  

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