Darkest Dungeon is an illuminated playground of rainbows and puppies compared to the blackened abyss it creates of your soul within only a few hours of braving its depths. There are adventurers that you will call your own, seeking to protect them as they venture forth to help you reclaim your once illustrious estate. To keep them out of the reaper’s reach, you will do many things you never knew you were capable of. Many… many things. You will hire … Continue reading

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Dungeon-crawler fan Ruiner gives Wizardry Online 3.5 bananas (out of 5) in his recent review posted over at MMORPG.com. Link: A Diamond in the Rough – Wizardry Online Review  

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Pixel Perfect Gaming picked the perfect game to review if they were looking for an RPG with a challenge, and it seems Wizardry Online met their expectations. The review gives a basic overview of gameplay and then judges the game, not against the myriad EQ/WOW variants on the market but for what it is – a throwback to the RPGs of old. “Wizardry Online is a fun game to play either solo or with a party. It’s unlike anything I … Continue reading

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When one thinks of permadeath and PKing in scary, trap-laden dungeons, the next thing to come to mind is rarely “quality family time.” However, Michael over at WizFanaticus isn’t one to stick within conventional borders, so dungeon crawling with the relatives was just as good idea as any for him. And who better to bring on a journey into the depths of Hell than the one person you can always trust to have your back – Mom. Wizardry with My … Continue reading

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Koranian recently joined the Wizardry Online community and dove straight into the game,  writing up his first impressions with the game and creating a set of gameplay videos to share with those who have not yet experienced the game. “So I thought why not give it a go…” One of the cool things about the review is that it explores how Wizardry Online differs from what’s out there in mainstream MMOs, and he does so without bringing any of the … Continue reading

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All the usual info, but with an interesting look at the type of gameplay we can expect in Wizardry: The gameplay walkthrough highlighted the fast-paced combat and had an arcade-style feel similar to Vindictus. Ranged attacks seemed to work for pulling mobs, but it was much harder to land long-range attacks on moving mobs. Meanwhile, we saw the Thief dish out much more damage based on where he was in relation to the mob. As you’d expect, if the mob’s … Continue reading

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