Learning from the past to build a better PK future When the topic of Player Killers (PKs) comes up, the reaction is often split between “worst part of the game” and “OMG that was so awesome!” The division in reaction commonly rests on which side of red the player was on. In between, there’s another group of players. Those that weren’t necessarily PKs themselves, but found their presence to be an exciting part of their experience. Wizardry Online caters to … Continue reading

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Previews from the recent press tour of Wizardry have been rolling out and the general impression across the board seems to be consistent. Graphics seem dated. Permadeath is designed well. PVP is designed well. Quests and dungeons are the standard MMO fare. The fanboi in me would normally contest the first one with some battle cry about how graphics don’t make the game, but the graphics are definitely dated and one’s first impression of a game is always colored by … Continue reading

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Wizardry Fanaticus battles the misconceptions about permadeath and presents some of the facts about how one can stave off the reaper to live another day.

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