Deranged Pimentos await you. No they don’t, but a 7-Day Dimento Medal does! I’m on the road right now but I want to get this posted ASAP, so I’m going to get all slacker on you guys and just copypasta the news from We’d like to thank all of you for playing Wizardry Online, and for your patience as we worked through some technical issues at launch. At SOE, we strive to provide the best possible service at all … Continue reading

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From their page on FB: Station Cash Giveaway Time for another Station Cash Giveaway! Enter now for your chance to win 1000 Station Cash. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. THIS PROMOTION IS SUBJECT TO ALL APPLICABLE LAWS. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Limit one (1) entry per Facebook account. Open to everyone eighteen (18) and over; void where prohibited. Begins at 2 PM Pacific on March 4, 2013 and ends at 2 PM Pacific on March 5, 2013. See the … Continue reading

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Once again the search party has returned with riches from deep within the Vault! Five times the treasure as before, and just in time for the weekend! Grab a key, ready your weapons and be sure to have your wits about you because Wizardry Online is a whole new level of challenge in fantasy online gaming. GONE! GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE NEW ADVENTURERS THAT GOT IN! But… but… I have a whole… *rips up the script*     So anyway… 🙂 … Continue reading

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Although I was concerned about them venturing out again so soon, they were adamant about returning to the dark recess in search of more scrolls to bring back for anxious adventurers seeking passage into the mysterious and distant realm of Wizardry Online. I probably should also be concerned that 1) there is some kind labyrinthine dungeon in the back of our Vault somewhere and 2) I have only one other person helping to maintain the site (mad props to you, … Continue reading

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Our fearless search party has returned unscathed, and they have brought with them a sack of treasures from within! Among the spoils and plunder are 25 magical scrolls offering bold warriors of all walks the right of passage into the treacherous unknown of Wizardry Online. These scrolls are the key to an adventure unlike any other, with dangers abound and enemies at every turn. Are you ready to take the challenge?   WHOA! 0 KEYS LEFT. Our search party, although … Continue reading

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