Reggie over at GamesBeat seems to have left no stone unturned in his research into the 30-year history of the Wizardry CRPG. Woodhead, Sirotek, IPM, Aeria Games, and Gamepot all make their respective appearances in his chronicle of the passage of the IP from one owner to the next, spanning over three dozen titles and inspiring countless others. Link:

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I just saw the header over at and it seems they are looking forward to some new classes starting Spring 2013!   Now, this doesn’t mean they’ll be in the NA/EU game any time soon…. but crossing our fingers and performing a few sacrificial rituals to the development gods can’t hurt. There’s more about the new classes over at For those of us not fluent in Japanese, here’s a wonderfully horrific Google translate that sheds some light on … Continue reading

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Wizardry is the rogue-like that people are loving these days, and the latest news has me a happy camper. Aeria Games and Gamepot are set to bring a massive stable of free-to-play, PC and mobile gaming under one roof with the recently announced merger of the two companies. “Gamepot will add development expertise for client-based games, such as the successful Wizardry and Paperman franchises, and its large mobile development teams in Japan and Korea to Aeria Games’ global platform,” said … Continue reading

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Update 1.129 was published March 27th, introducing the “Dawn of Dimento” and a host of new guild features to the game. A brief run down of features include: New Bounty System Improved/Added guild benefits, warehouse and leveling New items in the Royal Shop More information on the update can be found here (in Japanese).  

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