Helly over at RPGCodex.net has found and translated a cool interview of The Mad Overlord himself, Robert Woodhead. The full interview is in a discussion threat on RPGCodex along with a few photos and nostalgic screenshots. Read it at RPGCodex.net >>  

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When one thinks of permadeath and PKing in scary, trap-laden dungeons, the next thing to come to mind is rarely “quality family time.” However, Michael over at WizFanaticus isn’t one to stick within conventional borders, so dungeon crawling with the relatives was just as good idea as any for him. And who better to bring on a journey into the depths of Hell than the one person you can always trust to have your back – Mom. Wizardry with My … Continue reading

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The Tavern Podcast has returned as The Wizard’s Tavern, and its first full length episode will be available Thursday, January 31st. The re-vamped podcast will be available through iTunes, with additional access for other users via new feed: http://wizardstavern.libsyn.com/rss  Be sure to follow @tavernpodcast on Twitter for the latest news and episodes announcements. Welcome back, Kyler!

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With the NDA lifted (dropped? dismissed? who knows!) we’ve posted some new content to the site. Some articles and the beginning of our KnowledgeBase/FAQ. Look around! Here are links to some of the latest site updates: Wizardry Online Beta NDA Lifted! Guide: Criminal 101 Guide: The Fighter Guide: Exploiting the Environment to Your Advantage Scrolls of Knowledge (General Information / FAQ) Seeing Red: A Palatable PK System Arrives in Wizardry Online An Encounter! Vivi the Mage and the Executioners More … Continue reading

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Here are a couple more previews, both more focused on details of the game and features than on rating the game. onRPG.com: Wizardry Online Impressions MMOSite.com: Getting Started with Wizardry Online   One of the previews mentioned there were 20 or so press folks in the tour, so keep an eye peeled for more hands-on previews. Spotted one we missed? Email us with the info and we’ll share it with the Wizardry community.

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SOE recently hooked up the Wikia team with a nice compilation of character class/race info as well as detailed looks at the dungeons, locations and drops for several of the early dungeons in the game. The wiki has a good bit of great information for beta players and a closer look at the inner workings of Wizardry Online for fans who have been following the game. Head over to wizardryonline.wikia.com and check it out! Link: http://wizardryonline.wikia.com/wiki/Wizardry_Online_Wiki

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A couple days ago I posted about the recent episode of Kyler’s Wizardry podcast, Gilgamesh’s Tavern. I recently had a chance to go back and listen to the previous episodes, and I recommend checking them out, especially Episode One, where he interviews Robert Woodhead, one of the creators of the grandfather of CRPGs, Wizardry.

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Long time Wizardry fan and creator of the now-retired Wizardry Den site, Kyler, has returned to the Wizardry scene with regular podcasts on Wizardry Online. In Episode 10, released this past Monday, Kyler talks about Wizardry’s “M” rating and the recent SOE webcast with Piestro and the Devs.

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