The December 4th update added the challenging House of Savage Lust dungeon, but…. BUT… it also brought the four advanced classes to Wizardry Online onthis side of the globe. Ninja Bishop Lord Samurai The Elite classes can be selected and switched to once a player reaches level 30. Enjoy!

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I just saw the header over at and it seems they are looking forward to some new classes starting Spring 2013!   Now, this doesn’t mean they’ll be in the NA/EU game any time soon…. but crossing our fingers and performing a few sacrificial rituals to the development gods can’t hurt. There’s more about the new classes over at For those of us not fluent in Japanese, here’s a wonderfully horrific Google translate that sheds some light on … Continue reading

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Update 1.129 was published March 27th, introducing the “Dawn of Dimento” and a host of new guild features to the game. A brief run down of features include: New Bounty System Improved/Added guild benefits, warehouse and leveling New items in the Royal Shop More information on the update can be found here (in Japanese).  

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Rock band DIR EN GREY has teamed up with Gamepot to add their dark and gritty style to a set of new dungeons headed to Wizardry Online. Adventurers will find new avatars and commemorative items have also been added into the mix. These new dungeons have their own special rules and restrictions to offer unique challenges to those daring to venture in. Continue reading

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