Piestro recently announced details on the beta participation rewards over on the official forums, and there’s a nice collection of goodies to fuel those first days back in the game.

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Community Manager Piestro has announced a revised launch date for SOE’s upcoming hardcore MMORPG, Wizardry Online. “As we head into final preparations for launching the game, we have decided to move the launch date of Wizardry Online to January 30, 2013 in order to allow us extra time to ensure we’re delivering the most epic gameplay experience possible to our players.” See you all on January 30th! Link: http://forums.station.sony.com/wo/index.php?threads/wizardry-online-launches-january-30-2013.1088/

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The mettle-testing MMORPG, Wizardry Online, enters Open Beta and heads for a January 16th release according to the  game’s producers in their latest Twitch.tv webcast. Producer Todd Carson and Associate Producer Rod Haza sat down with Brand Manager Omeed Dariani to discuss what’s in the near future for Wizardry Online fans. Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown: Initial cutscenes now have an “ESC to skip” option Release date set for January 16th, 2013 Open Beta live with new patches, CBT … Continue reading

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Koranian recently joined the Wizardry Online community and dove straight into the game,  writing up his first impressions with the game and creating a set of gameplay videos to share with those who have not yet experienced the game. “So I thought why not give it a go…” One of the cool things about the review is that it explores how Wizardry Online differs from what’s out there in mainstream MMOs, and he does so without bringing any of the … Continue reading

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Latest announcement from the official Wizardry Online forums: On Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 9 am Pacific* the Wizardry Online Closed Beta will come to an end, and characters will be wiped. We’d like to thank you all for participating and sharing your feedback on Wizardry Online, and can’t wait to see you in our next step of releasing Wizardry Online: Open Beta! For more details on our plans for the Wizardry Online Open Beta (and for our upcoming release) … Continue reading

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Beta tester and YouTube video author, Josjikawa, has a sweet collection of dungeon walkthroughs, from Caligrase Sewers to Aria Reservior. Great for helping you get out of a tight spot or getting past a tough puzzle. Enjoy!     Josjikawa’s Wizardry Walkthroughs»

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Xionanx has been hard at work preparing a collection of videos throughout closed beta. With the NDA lifted, he’s got you covered from creation to level 8 with walkthrough of major content and basic dungeon runs. Visit Xionanx’s channel on YouTube and take a look!  

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With the NDA lifted (dropped? dismissed? who knows!) we’ve posted some new content to the site. Some articles and the beginning of our KnowledgeBase/FAQ. Look around! Here are links to some of the latest site updates: Wizardry Online Beta NDA Lifted! Guide: Criminal 101 Guide: The Fighter Guide: Exploiting the Environment to Your Advantage Scrolls of Knowledge (General Information / FAQ) Seeing Red: A Palatable PK System Arrives in Wizardry Online An Encounter! Vivi the Mage and the Executioners More … Continue reading

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Here are a couple more previews, both more focused on details of the game and features than on rating the game. onRPG.com: Wizardry Online Impressions MMOSite.com: Getting Started with Wizardry Online   One of the previews mentioned there were 20 or so press folks in the tour, so keep an eye peeled for more hands-on previews. Spotted one we missed? Email us with the info and we’ll share it with the Wizardry community.

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Previews from the recent press tour of Wizardry have been rolling out and the general impression across the board seems to be consistent. Graphics seem dated. Permadeath is designed well. PVP is designed well. Quests and dungeons are the standard MMO fare. The fanboi in me would normally contest the first one with some battle cry about how graphics don’t make the game, but the graphics are definitely dated and one’s first impression of a game is always colored by … Continue reading

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