Not in the beta? Haven’t gotten your hands on Wizardry Online at an expo yet? Fear not! Here is a list of previews and hands-on from around the web to get a sneak peek at what Wizardry Online is soon set to unleash on the West. – “Fusing an anime-inspired style of character design with a very gritty, Dark Souls-like environmental presentation very successfully captured the Wizardry atmosphere.” – “Wizardry OnlineĀ is a resurrection of the series in the Western world, and those who grew up playing these games in the states are going to remember why they were so obsessed with them to begin with.”

Diablo Town Portal – “The gameplay is fun, hard, but fun. It’s old school. I would call it a good classic dungeon crawler, with a twist of MMORPG.” – “While PvP is an integral and important part of Wizardry Online, it’s not the whole package. WO also places a high value on dungeon crawling. It’s a hardcore game about stats and customization.”– “I don’t care if you’ve single-handedly held entire stations in EVE Online nullsec wars. I don’t care if you have world firsts in World of Warcraft. Even Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are not enough to prepare you. You are not ready for Wizardry Online.” – “At this year’s SOE Live, the Wizardry Online team showed off the game, and it’s every bit as hardcore as promised.” – “The secret most compelling, crazy, amazing online RPG of E3 2012” – “Wizardry Online is 30 years in the making, and is now open to Western gamers who want to participate in the Beta. The question is: are you ready for the challenge?” – ” If you’re looking for an MMO that will challenge you, this is the game.” – “There are 99 levels of progression in the free-to-play Wizardry Online, and players that reach such lofty heights will have earned every one of them. The sense of accomplishment will be exquisite.”