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Haven’t played Wizardry 8 yet, but not a fan of spending a ridiculous amount for it on eBay? Rejoice! now has Wizardry 8 on sale for $9.99. The final game of the Sir-Tech series delivers the timeless gameplay of the Wizardry series in a fully 3D experience. Modding aficionados can visit our Wizardry 8 Downloads section here at the Wizardry Vault for a wide assortment of mods, editors and updates for this incredible CRPG classic. It’s about damn time! … Continue reading

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Oh, yeah… I went there.  Love on it. Better yet, love on this major new update we’ve got coming our way featuring the following changes and new content: Advanced Forging: Socket Grafting Advanced Forging: Special Forging New Skills for Each Class Skill Reset NPC New Triangle Gems Daily Mission Bonus Royal Shop Pricing Update So far it looks like players on the official forums are looking forward to the new features, especially the skill respec NPC.  Check out the details … Continue reading

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This weekend both the 5000 Station Cash and 10,000 Station Cash bundles are half price for Wizardry Online players. This would be a great time to stock up to be ready for the upcoming game update! Note: To get these great discounted prices you must purchase your SC through the shop page at the official Wizardry Online site. To head there, clicketh here. Offer ends 11:59 Pacific Time on Sunday, May 19th.      

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Of the many amazing things found in the dungeons of Wizardry Online, none are as colorful and diverse as the players themselves. ** An Encounter! ** sets out to put your fellow adventurers in the spotlight. After a long hiatus, the feature returns, with Mad Overlord and Trebor’s Elite Guard. Read An Encounter: Trebor’s Elite Guard »

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This week’s Wizardry Online webcast should prove rather interesting, as Community Manager Virrago recently announced we’ll be getting a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon for WO fans. Associate Producer Rod Haza has info on the upcoming update as well as some live streaming of things to come. Don’t miss it! Watch the stream Tuesday, April 23, 2013, at 3:00 p.m. Pacific, 6:00 p.m. Eastern on SOE’s official Twitch TV channel. Link: Wizardry Online Webcast Announcement Thread

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Version 4.12 of Cosmic Forge, Mad God’s Wizardry 8 Editor, has just been released! List of changes: General: Version has been changed to 4.12 W8: General: “Rectangular Parallelepiped” has changed to “Box” throughout the interface. W8: NPC Editor: Scripts Tabs: More Script Blocks have distinct names now, some names changed. W8: Location Editor: Terrain Tab: Fixed crash bug occuring when trying to create Physical Walls Box around Selected Faces. W8: Location Editor: Triggers Tab: Fixed bug when the currently selected … Continue reading

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Pixel Perfect Gaming picked the perfect game to review if they were looking for an RPG with a challenge, and it seems Wizardry Online met their expectations. The review gives a basic overview of gameplay and then judges the game, not against the myriad EQ/WOW variants on the market but for what it is – a throwback to the RPGs of old. “Wizardry Online is a fun game to play either solo or with a party. It’s unlike anything I … Continue reading

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“What I find really exciting about Wizardry Online is its art style, complexity, and the fact that not only do I have to keep an eye on the NPCs, you also have to keep a watchful eye on players as well. I’m looking forward to working on this project. In addition to reporting your bugs, issues, and feedback up to the team, I’m looking forward to talking with all of you about Wizardry Online!” – Virrago Head over to the … Continue reading

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Deranged Pimentos await you. No they don’t, but a 7-Day Dimento Medal does! I’m on the road right now but I want to get this posted ASAP, so I’m going to get all slacker on you guys and just copypasta the news from We’d like to thank all of you for playing Wizardry Online, and for your patience as we worked through some technical issues at launch. At SOE, we strive to provide the best possible service at all … Continue reading

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Showcasing their partnership with and unified platform for online game wikis, SOE’s latest webcast puts wikis for PlanetSide 2, Wizardry Online, EverQuest II, and the newly-added Vanguard on display. Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 4:00 PM PST* on Twitch TV. Linda “Brasse” Carlson (Global Director of Community Relations) Colette “Dexella” Murphy (Community Manager) Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges (Wiki Project Manager)  

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