Wizardry Online brings a lot of CRPG features to MMOs, deviating from the traditional MMO experience and introducing refreshing new gameplay. We’ve poked around the web and compiled a list of common questions that people have been asking on some of the more prominent features. Enjoy!


Classes and Skills (3)

What are the playable classes?

Fighter, Priest, Mage and Thief.

Will there be additional classes?

The game currently features four classes: warrior, wizard, rogue, and priest. I was told that the game will eventually be expanded to include up to eight classes, though, so there should be a good bit of variety once the game hits its prime.” – RPGFan, E3 2012 Preview

Source: http://www.rpgfan.com/previews/Wizardry_Online/index.html

Criminal (5)

What is a criminal? What are criminal acts?



A criminal is a player that has committed criminal acts against fellow adventurers. They are easily recognized by their red glow.

Criminal acts include:

  • Attacking non-criminal players more than twice
  • Killing non-criminal players
  • Looting a player’s corpse*, even if they are a criminal

Note: If a criminal had looted items from you, you can take those items (and only those items) back without being flagged a criminal. Your items will be highlighted blue in their corpse inventory.

How do I check how long I have to stay a criminal?

There is a monk in the shady path which will give you an indicator of how much time you have remaining – not an exact number but he gives 3 degrees of severity (0-24hrs, 24-72, 72+) (source: TSR-MattG)

The Monk’s name is Statham and he is located near the Maiden of Isic.

How do I complete quests as a criminal?

The game is purposefully designed so criminals cannot (or cannot without difficulty/help) complete certain quest lines, this is a drawback of being a criminal, and allows lawful players an opportunity to catch up rather than be repeatedly victimized.

Can I go to town as a criminal?

Traveling the main town areas is possible if you avoid the guards. Once a guard spots you, you’re captured and off to jail. While this makes turning in quests rather difficult, it is still possible with some planning and sneaking around.

The Slums

The Slums

There is a section of town that criminals can travel free of guard harassment. The Alley of the Ones who Blended in Twilight, commonly known as “the slums”, is a relative safe haven for criminals, although they still need to keep an eye out for other players that can freely attack them.

The cloak room (warehouse), item merchant, union clerk and other useful NPCs can be found in the slums. Those familiar with Ultima Online in the early years will find the atmosphere of the slums very similar to their experiences in Buccaneer’s Den.

I’m in jail! Now what?


A criminal in jail

When a criminal is captured by a guard, they are hauled off to jail to serve time for brazenly wandering among the kind and good folks of town. There they serve out their sentence and then are let loose on the general populace once more.

There are a couple of ways to leave jail, and this is where it starts to get weird.

Talk to the rat
There’s a rat on a chest that you can speak to in order to leave jail. However, if you speak to the rat before your time is up, he resets your timer… and the timer of everyone else in jail.

Escaping jail 
In a room off to the side of the main jail cell there is a toilet with an opening large enough for a person to fit through. No, I’m not making this up.  🙂

Paying bail
If a criminal has  five or more bounties on them and they are sent to jail, their bail is set at 2x the bounty they had on their head at the time. It is possible to lower the bail by periodically talking to Elenora, the Correctional Bureau NPC. Also, for some reason, the criminal no longer fits through the toilet when jailed with five or more bounties on them.

Escaping through the toilet

Criminals can escape jail… through the toilet.

Weapons and Armor (2)

I found a gem, how do I apply it to my equipment?

Gem Socket

Gem Socket on Armor

Gems can be placed on any piece of armor that has a socket matching the shape of the gem. To add the gem to the socket, in your inventory, drag and drop the gem onto the piece of equipment you wish to upgrade. You will receive a confirmation window. Click to confirm, and your armor is now upgraded with the effect(s) of the gem.

Stats and Skills (3)

Help, suddenly I can’t dash/sprint or do backsteps anymore! How do I make it come back?

You are probably overburdened. You equipped heavier gear than your character is able to carry efficiently. You can check this in your character window or by seeing a status-icon directly under the OD bar. Try reducing your load by equipping lighter weapons or armor to regain dash and backstep. (source: Mietz, beta boards)

How do you regen/restore Health and Mana when in the dungeons?

Potions and spells that help rejuvenate and restore both health and mana can be purchased from merchants and found in loot drops. Players can also purchase camps that restore HP and MP for both the player and their party.

Additionally, fountains can be found in game offering quick restoration of HP and MP, however they are limited to only a handful of drinks that one can take.

How do I increase my maximum carry weight?

Vitality attribute increases maximum carrying capacity by 0.1 per 1 Vitality. Additionally some classes have a specific skill that increases carrying capacity in their skill tree. (source: Mietz, beta boards)

General (2)

How do I switch chat channel?

/a – Area Chat
/s – Shout Chat
/p – Party Chat
/w – Whisper Chat
/m – Member Chat
/u – Union Chat

What are the emotes and action commands?

/hand (wave your hand)
/hello (greet)
/glad (happy)
/yes (nod yes)
/no (shake head no)
/applause (clap)
/depressed (sad)
/support (cheer)
/kneeling (bow down to knees)
/lie (lay down)

For more commands, select the Commands option in the Main Menu in game.


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