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Date postedJuly 28, 2010
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Major Features include…


Each profession with the exception of the Bishop have their own “uber” armor set now.
The Bishop can wear the Priest, Mage, Psionic, or Alchemist set. The only kid on
the block who can mix ‘n’ match, not that you’d match of course. Each set contains
whatever armor pieces that profession can normally wear, for example the Mage and
Psionic cannot wear gloves so their sets do not include them. No shields were created for
the sets, too many of them running around already.


SPELL                LEVEL   SCHOOL                Target            REALM     BOOK LOCATIONS

Mind Fire              1     Psionics              Single Enemy      Fire      Sold by Kunar
Blades                 2     Psionics              Cone              Earth     Sold by Anna, Kunar
Poison Spray           2     Alchemy               Cone              Air       Sold by Sadok
Mind Freeze            3     Psionics              Single Enemy      Water     Sold by Anna, Sadok
Swarm                  3     Divinity              Cone              Earth     Sold by Crock, Kunar
Wounding Whispers      3     Divinity, Wizardry    All Enemies       Mental    Sold by Anna, Lord Braffit
Searing Light          5     Divinity              All Enemies       Fire      Sold by Ferro
Phantoms               7     Psionics, Wizardry    All Enemies       Mental    Sold by Ferro (always)
Wrath of the Gods      7     Divinity              All enemies       Divine    Sold by Ferro (always)
Meteor Shower          7     Alchemy               All enemies       Earth     Sold by Ferro (always) 



Based on Ranged Combat skill the Ranger can now combine a Rat Tail with a long bow to get:

Skill Level New Item
40 Doubleshot Long Bow
80 Tripleshot Long Bow



The Mage can now create the following items by combining the Dust of Enchantment with another item:

Created Item Used Wizardry
Enchanted Bow Long Bow 40
Enchanted Broadsword Broadsword 50
Enchanted Katana Katana 45
Enchanted Longsword Longsword 45
Enchanted Mace Mace 40
Enchanted Wakizashi Wakizashi 50

Combine the Dust of Enchantment with a Cherry Bomb, Wizardry skill level 30, to obtain the Flaming potion. The Mage can now create the following items by combining the Flaming potion with another item:

Flame Staff Quarterstaff 95
Fire Sword Claymore 85
The Avenger Zweihander 100

Combine the Dust of Enchantment with a Vampire Bat Wing, Wizardry skill level 50, to obtain the Vampiric potion. The Mage can now create the following items by combining the Vampiric potion with another item:

Vampiric Dagger Poignard 110
Vampiric Axe Battle Axe 110
Vampiric Scepter Staff of Blessing 110

Dust of Enchantment can be purchased from Burz, Bela, Fuzzfas, and Sadok.



The Priest and Bishop can now create the following items by combining the Anointing Oil with another item:

Created Item Used Divinity
Annointed Flail Flail 55
Saint Bastard Bastard Sword 60
Divinemail Tarnished Mail 90
Gown of Divinemail Tarnished Gown 90
Coif of Divinemail Tarnished Mail Coif 80
Holy Avenger Tarnished Sword 100
Mitre De Sanct Mitre 105
Staff of Blessing Quarter Staff 55

Annointing oil can only be purchased from Lord Braffit at a hefty price. It will always be in stock or restocked after purchase when the normal restocking of trader inventory
items occur.

Many of the new tarnished items can be sold by Antone early in the game and found in various
treasures in Arnika. These items will occur early and need to be saved until the skill level requirement is met. They may not show up later in the game so if you wish to create these items then store the tarnished items some where until needed.

And I just realized just how many poor characters are going to be “fired” in Arnika just to power train Divinity. Oh may the Gods forgive me!

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