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Date postedJuly 28, 2010
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From the README:

Greetings fellow Wiz8 Adventurer…

This is my first attempt at a mod for wiz8 using MadGod’s editor (FANTASTIC!!) and I hope you enjoy!!

Please, any comments/suggestions please don’t hesitate to email me or post on the message boards (Ironworks or Greatest…).


Steve (Deathstalker)

General adventuring notes:

Use the party allied monsters as best possible,

This is not compatible with any other wiz8 mod (to my knowledge). You will need a copy of wiz8/with the latest patch to play and current saves are not compatible. Recommend you install a separate copy of Wizardry 8 to use with this mod. To use the mod just copy/paste or move it onto your wiz8 folder (overwriting anything). Unfortunately as far as I know the only way to un-install the mod is to re-install a fresh version of wiz8 after manually deleting it as wiz8 does not have a separate mod folder.


Updated March 14th/05……..Version 1.2

Updated March 24th/05……..version 1.3
made first level friendly!!
Tonnes of new pics/items/etc (thanks to Flamestryke for the use of her
pics from her mod 🙂 ).
Spells changed/updated (as well as classes, Priest much ‘Beefier’ now!)

Updated April 19th/05……..version 1.5
Tonnes of new stuff, new spells, fixed lower martins bluff error.
removed bugged items w/poison darts and dagger scatter.
New uses for Divine, Myth and Alch skills.

Updated June 16th/05………version 1.6
Tonnes of new stuff!! New Recruitable Player Characters, bugg fixes,
new Gadgeteer items, multi-class items (ex, bard/priest harp),
New Monsters, Altered Monster Skins/sizes….
Altered monster numbers/appearing/when to appear, tried to lessen the
higher level monsters appearing too early.
Reduced numbers of allied characters to reduce battle lengths (for those
who requested them).

Updated Oct 15th/05……….version 2.0
Has a ‘expanded/added’ storyline and more npc interaction as well as a
few new RPC’s, tonnes of new monsters and items as well as re-balanced
critters/spells and items. Again enounters have been ‘toned down’ and
allies have been kept to a minimum to decrease battle time.
Included W4st’s Transparent Compasses mod.

Updated Oct 18th/05……….version 2.1
Cleared up some of the spellbook descriptions as they were causing
problems as well and removed the Faerie Crossbow that was causing one
guy to crash to xp. Hopefully this fixes things.
Included W4st’s Transparent Compasses mod readme which explains how to
remove the mod (in case you wish to remove just that part).


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