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Date postedJuly 31, 2010
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Wizardry 8 – Character Portrait Editor v1.0

This little tool can import new Character-portraits into Wizardry 8.

Copy the editor into the Wizardry 8 main directory and be sure there exists a subdirectory called ‘patches’ because that is where the tool saves the new portraits.
Furthermore, the program creates a directory called ‘portraits’ where the exported graphics and
some additional help files are saved.

After the start you should see the first portrait with all of its pictures. A complete portrait
exists of 12 pictures. The main portraits in three different sizes, five animation frames for
eye movement and four frames for mouth movement.

– select portrait –
Use the scrollbar or mousewheel to change portrait.

– select picture –
The currently selected picture is marked with a white bar. Click with the left mouse button to
select another picture.

– button : Export All –
All 12 pictures will be exported as TGA files and saved in the “portraits”-directory.

– button : Export –
The currently selected picture is saved in the “portraits”-directory.

– Button : Import –
The currently selected picture is replaced with another TGA file. The size and colordepth of
this picture has to be matched by the new one, otherwise the conversion will fail.
The needed size and colordepth is shown in the info-window on the right
(eg. “90x72x8” – width 90 pixel, height 72 pixel, 8 bit colordepth).

– Button : Create Archive –
All changed portraits will be saved into an archive file (“PATCH.010”) which is saved in the
‘patches’ directory of Wiz8. Wiz8 will read this file automatically next time it runs and the new portraits will be used. Delete this file to restore the original portraits.

– Checkbox : Use TGA-Palette –
For the medium sized pictures a 256-color-palette is used. If you don’t want to use the original palette, check this and the palette is taken from the next 256-color-TGA. This may destroy the colors of the other pics, simply reload them and the colors are converted, it should look right then.

– delete changes –
If you want to delete your changes in the editor, delete the ‘GFX’-files in the ‘portraits’ directory.

Hints for animation frames:

– The 10 medium sized pictures are used for animation of eyes and mouth.
– They use an identical 256-color-palette, otherwise the colors might be displayed wrong.
– In some cases only the animated part of a picture is shown. The rest of the pic has to be filled with color 0, otherwise it will be displayed too.
– If you don’t want to create animations, you simply may use empty animation frames (all pixel color 0). May work, haven’t tested it.

Bugs & Suggestions:

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