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Date postedJuly 28, 2010
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Lunastralis is almost a total conversion of the original Wiz8.


Unpack the archive in any directory, there are over 2000 files, so this will take a while.

The mod is contained in two folders
– Data
– Levels

These will replace your existing Wizardry 8 files, so it is strongly suggested that you backup your Wizardry 8 directory if you wish to revert to the original version at a later date.

Copy or move the two folders into your Wizardry 8 directory. A message will pop up and ask you if you want to overwrite the existing data/levels folder click YES.

After copying, the installation is done. Start Wizardry and begin playing.


– 20 new Modern Weapons

– New Monsters, both reskins and new models

– New locations: several type of new locations have been created and some existing locations have slight changes. There are 3 new locations and a series of mini locations.

– Several new items, new 3d models, 2d images, and recombination / hybridation of existing items.

– 2 1/2 linear quest plots have been added.


– There are no Journal entries, but important information is provided by scrolls.

– Interaction with a new NPC is strictly 1x only, first time talking to them will provide you with all information. Don’t look for hidden sentences, there are none to be found.
– Retro Dungeons are not needed for playing. 2 of them are not reachable anymore. To the most interesting part of the Retro a shortcut is provided.

– Only the Rapax Rift is accessible, you will find compensation for the other parts of the Rapax area.


The Usual suspects:

-Madgod for his tireless support during creating of the mod especially for adding the ms3d import function.
-Dodd for some of his assets, also without him this mod would not exist, it was the dissection of his mod which enabled me to do mine.

On this place I would like to thank everybody who was kind enough to upload some TRUE REAL FREE or LOVEWARE to the Internet. There are only a very few
without silly demands on copyright and credits. Very often the demands are in no way proportionate to what is provided.

Many thanks goes also to the testplayers of the BETA version, mainly:

– Zedd56
– rapidmoss
– sdurham11
– VonDraco
– Ashara333

– Qusari, April 09

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