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Date postedJuly 28, 2010
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Craig Pommer’s Wizardry 8 Editor



– Post-patch games were only being read properly if you had RPCs. Now reads
correctly with or without them.


– Able to read savegames before/after patch
– Fixed gold not being reset when loading multiple savegames
– Can now select Android race (duh?)
– Increased ‘error checking’
– Added ‘Restore All’ button, restores HP/Stamina/SP to max values
– Switching between characters doesn’t reset values (duh? again)
– Can now select Tyrnnie/T’Rang/Umpani/Rapax races
– Can now modify party gold
– Added class restrictions to spells (right click on spell to view)
– Limited HP/SP/Stamina settings to <= the maximum Some notes to keep in mind: !!!MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVEGAME FILE!!! The 'totals' for HPs/Stamina/SPs are all greyed out. Modifying them is pretty useless since they are recalculated within the game. If you want to modify them, it's easier to modify the values they are based off of. Right now editting your level doesn't affect your experience. I recommend adding experience instead of levels. That way you get all the benefits of a level advance that you wouldn't get from just adding a level. Items are (still) coming 'soon'. Craig cpommer@accessv.com

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