Whether you’ve met them in the dungeons or read their posts on the forums, this small union has already made a big mark on the Wizardry Online community. With us today for a group QnA are Ai Sensei (Hakase) and Aegis Jung (Jung) of the Justice union!

An Encounter! Hakase and Jung of Justice


WV: Justice seems to be a union made up of players that have played both the Japanese and the NA/EU versions of Wizardry Online. Did you play together in the Japanese version or did you meet up in the NA/EU CBT?

Hakase: We are only a guild of 6, so to say we are a mix of JP and NA/EU is partially true. I personally have not played, but we do have another beside Jung. Our guild actually formed up before CBT started. Jung asked if I wanted to play the NA version and so I asked a friend who asked a friend, etc. Eventually we all got to know each other and Justice was formed.


WV: What’s Justice’s alignment in PvP – Anti? PK? Neutral?

Hakase: Despite the guild name, we are pretty neutral. Some of us have PK characters and some of us don’t. During CBT, a couple of our members wanted to PKK, so for a brief time we did. Now that OBT is out, some of us are playing to learn a bit more for release. I don’t doubt that we will be doing a little PKKing, but that is not our alignment or priority.

Jung: We don’t care for PKing, and we don’t care for PKKing. The little world of griefing and self-righteousness is just full of hot-air. Justice guild mainly focuses on trying to get its members what they need, and helps carries the entire group throughout the game without external issues being of trouble to us. This is not to say, we are reclusive or unsociable – we just trust each other more, is all.


WV: What are some of the differences you’ve noticed in the community and how they play between the two versions?

Jung: The biggest difference in the two communities, is the initial access to information. Back in JP’s Wizardry Online, people were lost – very lost. Information came in slowly, and over time came to create the JP wiki which so many “veteran” US players have more or less come to rely and drink from. Don’t get me wrong, US players have done their research in game on personal levels; but the US community has a huge leg up compared to the starting JP community that risked a lot testing skills, dungeons, and farm patterns. I mean, you can youtube a bunch of things that took awhile for people to develop.

Now, if we go into how JP and US players play differenly, I notice US players don’t publicly party a lot – this seems true in many MMORPGs in general. In the JP version, guilds and randoms would meet each other to form parties to at least get instances and the such done – perhaps they were more desperate at the time, I don’t know. JP also has a huge player market – not auction, I mean personal store. I know, we just started, but it’s just a little sad to see the town so barren. You may think channel 1 of our version is quite packed, JP’s is/was very packed.

Well, as for the party thing, I can’t even criticize the non-party attitude to West has – I solo or at most trio with a personal small group (Justice guild members have finals and the such to tend to – leaving 2/6 of us only). I can’t say for sure how players “play” differently as of now, but in the future I don’t think I’d mind tagging in groups and such.


WV: What is your favorite dungeon and why?

Hakase: Of the dungeons that are out, Temple of Oblivion stood out to me. For the most part, ToO was the first jump in difficulty and had proven so by the amount of deaths I accumulated from it. First time there I was a level ~11 trap thief and the solo was long and tedious. I was undergeared, weak, and pretty much got killed trying to map the dungeon out by myself. I could have just let Jung guide me through, but half the fun is learning the dungeon itself and plenty dying. Not to say that Old Sewers is easy, but I was a lot more prepared compared to ToO.

Jung: My favorite dungeon; I personally hate them all because I remember the different grinds I have to do in them. I think one I remembered a lot, was ???????, which has this cool massive lightning bolt that keeps striking an area of the map. And…I also remember it because of the very chunky mobs there, which actually wouldn’t be a happy memory.

In the current OBT of Wizardry Online here in the west, I guess whatever dungeon is the highest is my favorite, because it gives me a place to grind and farm.


WV: Will Justice be forming again in the release version of Wizardry Online?

Hakase: Indeed we will, all of us will be there for release. Though I think we have plans to change the guild name, but that will be up for vote as we get closer to release.

Jung: Hell, yes. Our guild focuses on the group being entertained, so we won’t be grinding our butts off that hard.


WV: Are you recruiting? If so, what kind of players are you looking for and what’s the best way for them to contact you?

Jung: We actually don’t really have plans of recruiting – our philosophy is sort of to not get involved in the community’s affairs because of many repercussions. A part of me wants to, but another part of me loathes explaining things again, guiding people, seeing people leave, seeing beggars in a guild, and having to be responsible for a wide array of different people. I’m not guild leader, so I can’t say for sure, but those are my usual sentiments to recruitment.

Hakase: I don’t like exclusive guilds, but I also don’t like large guilds. We want to keep small so that we are all friends and avoid a separation within the guild. I’m sure that you hear that a lot from other guilds, but even a small guild of 10 can have problems. Right now the only way to get added is through recommendation.


WV: Looking forward to seeing you in the release in January! Any final words?

Jung: As a final word, I just want to clarify something. I have this feeling people think I know an infinite amount of information for Wizardry Online, or just because I’m experienced I “know how to play the game better.” This is not the case; I’ve merely seen more, but I’m still learning like everyone else. I simply try to help the forum community as best as possible with information, and in doing so sometimes may come off as condescending, rude, or elitist. Sometimes I am, but not all the time. Hardly the case most of the time.


Ai Sensei and Aegis Jung of Justice

Ai Sensei and Aegis Jung of Justice

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