In Wizardry Online, danger doesn’t just lurk in the corners. Sometimes it actively hunts you. Such is the case of the Executioners, a criminal union currently playing in the Closed Beta, that has taken to adding just that much more challenge to the already deadly halls of Wizardry Online.

Vivi the Mage, leader of the Executioners, joins us today to share a bit about these pioneers of the dark side of dungeon crawling.


WV: Criminal status is pretty much Nightmare Mode in an already hardcore game. What motivated you to start the union?

Vivi the Mage: We wanted to make the best and most known PK union. When we first started most of the criminals were solo so we decided we could make a union and try getting them together a little.


WV: What has been the general player reception to the Executioners?

Vivi the Mage: A love hate relationship, I guess. Seems more dislike us than like us because we are PKers, but a lot of people come around and see we aren’t all that bad after trying to talk to us instead of only hating and attacking just to be killed by us.


WV: How big is the Executioners union currently?

Vivi the Mage: 38 members, not counting alts. Not everyone is super active seeing how it is CBT and it’s a hit or miss if someone likes it or not.


WV: What do you think of the PVP and criminal mechanics in Wizardry Online?

Vivi the Mage: PVP is great. How you choose to build your character decides what he can contribute to in the battle. Even if you are strong, a well-made team can easily take you down. There is a lot more to it than finding the cheapest or easiest way to gank and destroy your opponent.

Now when it comes to being a criminal, it has a lot of down sides. Things like when more than four reds get together to fight of whites you will end up hitting each other and doing more damage to each other than to the whites who can’t hit their buddies, but that just the beginning things like the time it take to stop being red can go up to 72 hours plus and is rumored to be able to go up to 10 days (like I said, rumor. Never too sure on that one) If you are trying to go back to white you can’t fight back when a white player attacks because it will increase your time instead of decreasing it. Being a criminal is very hard and should be done after you are absolutely sure it’s what you want to do. Some players accidentally get red and get stuck forever.

When it comes down to it, whites can be as brutal or even worse than red’s because there is no penalty for killing reds and its justice when you kill them, even if it’s over and over unlike if a red does it. That is only some of the hardships of being a red. There are many more when it comes boiling down.


WV: Can we look forward to seeing the Executioners after CBT?

Vivi the Mage: We might make Executioners again. We don’t plan on it for a while though, so best I can say is we will have to wait and see when OBT arrives and see what happens from there. ;D





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