cosmicforgethumbVersion 4.12 of Cosmic Forge, Mad God’s Wizardry 8 Editor, has just been released!

List of changes:

  • General: Version has been changed to 4.12
  • W8: General: “Rectangular Parallelepiped” has changed to “Box” throughout the interface.
  • W8: NPC Editor: Scripts Tabs: More Script Blocks have distinct names now, some names changed.
  • W8: Location Editor: Terrain Tab: Fixed crash bug occuring when trying to create Physical Walls Box around Selected Faces.
  • W8: Location Editor: Triggers Tab: Fixed bug when the currently selected Trigger(s) wheren’t unselected after adding a new Trigger.
  • W8: CF Agent: Lua: Added function cfa.w8.npcRemoveItemFromTradeInventory(int NPCID, int itemID) Removes all instances of the specified item (itemID) from the NPC’s trade inventory (NPC should be Trader).
  • W8: W8Tutorials: Now W8Tutorials.pdf is used instead of W8Tutorials.rtf. Tried OpenOffice but most of the links inside the file stopped working. But conversion to pdf (I used works like a charm!

Get it here.

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Loktofeit On April - 13 - 2013

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