TEAMSPEAKPublic chat, small unions, medium unions… there are plenty of uses for a central Teamspeak server. If nothing else, not having to worry about hosting or maintaining your own is always a nice thing. Over on the official forums, Ombre’s got a thread to see what kind of interest there is one for a 512 slot public Teamspeak server.

If you’re interested, head over to his post on the Wizardry Online boards and let him know.

For those not familiar with Teamspeak, it is one of several different voice communication programs, which come in darn handy for talking to teammates in the middle of a battle, raid or other event where fast or effective communication is key. It’s also great for just BSing with your union while playing. 🙂 You can downlaod it for free at


Peace. 🙂


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Loktofeit On February - 7 - 2013

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