wwmmWhen one thinks of permadeath and PKing in scary, trap-laden dungeons, the next thing to come to mind is rarely “quality family time.” However, Michael over at WizFanaticus isn’t one to stick within conventional borders, so dungeon crawling with the relatives was just as good idea as any for him. And who better to bring on a journey into the depths of Hell than the one person you can always trust to have your back – Mom.

Wizardry with My Mother is hopefully the first of a series, as it deviates from the usual reviews and analysis blogs about MMOs, choosing to focus on the personal experience of the players themselves.

New players should also check out his exceptional guide to Caligrase Sewers, complete with annotated maps and overviews of every mob you’ll encounter there.

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Loktofeit On February - 4 - 2013

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  1. Fanaticus says:

    I’m glad to hear someone say make it a series, because that’s pretty well what I plan to do!

    We’ve already played our second game together (we JUST finished up with Caligrase sewers). There are a lot of cool things going on, mom’s got a working Mic for ventrilo, doing some crazy stuff ingame, it’s great!

    I really feel bad for not having more guidage done, I wanted to have a lot more done by the end of beta, when my PC crashed something inside me gave up on them, I just want to enjoy the game for a few more days and I’ll put another heavy session into getting them darn things done, one thing I enjoy about guide writing like that is how well I know that dungeon after mapping it out so intensively! So I’m looking forward to completing some more, just want to progress a bit before I get in there.

  2. Sapienta says:

    I was just reading through the guides and in Tips and Advice:
    #31 Don’t be a criminal if you can’t defend yourself. Everyone and their mothers will want a piece of you.


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