DwarvenArcanumPriestWhile we wait for the servers to return on the 16th, head over to OnRPG.com to follow the adventures of Kurumu the Dwarf as they begin their journey into the depths of Wizardry Online’s deadly dungeons. The first three entries of Journal of a Survivor have been posted with plenty of great screenshots throughout, and Kurumu makes no bones about the odds they face:

“Adventuring runs in my family like a cancer. Generation after generation has been lured into it by the promise of fame, gold, and the occasional infatuation with a sexy gnome, but up till now it’s resulted in a 100% fatality rate. It’s honestly a miracle the lineage has survived long enough to give me a chance.”

Good luck, Kurumu!

Link: OnRPG.com – Journal of a Survivor


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Loktofeit On January - 14 - 2013

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