Are you one of those players that wants to squeeze the most points out of character creation? Has your quest for that 20+ bonus roll been a repetitive exercise in despair? Xionanx and several others on the AutoHotKey forums might have a solution for you. They been collectively crafting a Wizardry Online reroll macro that seems to be in pretty decent shape right now.

To join the thread and get the macro, click here.

Good luck!


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Loktofeit On December - 29 - 2012

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  1. Xionanx says:

    I know all the script kiddies put X at the front and back of their names, but I swear my name is Xionanx not XionanX lol.

    Yeah, the Auto-Rollers work perfectly fine now, but keep in mind that using them is a violation of the TOS.