Wizardry is the rogue-like that people are loving these days, and the latest news has me a happy camper.

Aeria Games and Gamepot are set to bring a massive stable of free-to-play, PC and mobile gaming under one roof with the recently announced merger of the two companies.

“Gamepot will add development expertise for client-based games, such as the successful Wizardry and Paperman franchises, and its large mobile development teams in Japan and Korea to Aeria Games’ global platform,” said Totoki. “We have already started collaborating on co-development projects, leveraging our mobile resources, to bring high-quality games to the international markets.”

Nice! Under their US-based holding company, the two will retain their current titles but will co-ordinate licensing and publishing of shared IP, mobile and tech development.

Wizardry: The Demon Tower Wars

Wizardry: The Demon Tower Wars

In new game development, look forward to Wizardry: The Demon Tower Wars, coming to the iOS platform in January 2013 courtesy of Namco Bandai. The game will sport the party-based hack-n-slash fun of Wizardry with microtransactions for in-game virtual items. Fans that register for the game before launch will get a Lesser Demon as a bonus.

Go, go Wizardry!

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Loktofeit On December - 18 - 2012

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