The mettle-testing MMORPG, Wizardry Online, enters Open Beta and heads for a January 16th release according to the ¬†game’s producers in their latest webcast.

Producer Todd Carson and Associate Producer Rod Haza sat down with Brand Manager Omeed Dariani to discuss what’s in the near future for Wizardry Online fans. Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown:

  • Initial cutscenes now have an “ESC to skip” option
  • Release date set for January 16th, 2013
  • Open Beta live with new patches, CBT characters wiped
  • Marketplace published, prices in Gold not SC for OB
  • CBT and OBT participation rewards in the works
  • There will be an EU server
  • WO is part of SOE Station Pass with benefits


Open Beta and Release

Open Beta will bring in a good number of new players, and the change in the cutscenes should get more people past the previously frustrating first fifteen minutes. Note: Soul/Character wipes will occur after both the CBT and OBT. This makes the release date following so quickly after Open Beta something that was great to hear, as I know many of the existing CBT players are already anxious to get started on their permanent characters.


The Marketplace

The Marketplace

The Marketplace (item mall)

The marketplace decision was an interesting one because of the temporary change in currency used. If they want to test the mechanics of the items, this is a great way to go about it. It’s interesting because people spend fake money and real money differently, so by seeing the popularity and frequency of use, they can better gauge how to set the pricing of the items to avoid many of the pitfalls of the past.

  • pricing a perceived necessity too high
  • pricing vanity items too low
  • pricing enjoy convenient items… inconveniently

The team also did say in the QnA session at the end that the items in the Marketpalce will not bring Pay to Win gameplay to Wizardry Online, something that is a big concern for many MMO gamers.



While specifics weren’t given, the team did say that participation rewards will be given for both CBT and OBT participation. Todd did, however, say that there will be “some kind of benefit” to them to help beta players to get further along through the initial levels at release.


Watch the webcast and get ready for the release of Wizardry Online in January 2013!



Watch live video from sonyonlinetv on TwitchTV


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