Previews from the recent press tour of Wizardry have been rolling out and the general impression across the board seems to be consistent.

  1. Graphics seem dated.
  2. Permadeath is designed well.
  3. PVP is designed well.
  4. Quests and dungeons are the standard MMO fare.

The fanboi in me would normally contest the first one with some battle cry about how graphics don’t make the game, but the graphics are definitely dated and one’s first impression of a game is always colored by the quality of the graphics.   Points 2 and 3 made me happy to see. The PVP and Permadeath systems are pretty solid, and it was great to see the reviewers explore those aspects, at least in the review if not in game (I wish permadeath on no one 🙂  ).

Read the reviews and see what these MMO gamers think of Wizardry Online, the MMO that defies the rules of MMO gaming.

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Loktofeit On November - 27 - 2012

2 Responses so far.

  1. Geozen says:

    Is it just me or are the dungeons far from mmo standards? If you are comparing them to Dungeons and Dragons online then I would agree but those are the only 2 games where they are built like this. What other MMO’s have random traps in the dungeons and you don’t start with a map? lol.. not very standard.

    • Loktofeit says:

      I agree. I think the general sentiment they had was that, like most other fantasy MMOs, it follows the old school MUD experience of travel into a dungeon, get loot, come back. In that regard, it’s the standard dungeon experience, however Wizardry Online seems to be far more than that. With all the hazards, traps and other dangers in the game, traveling through a dungeon in WO is a completely different experience from every other MMO. You’re not just working toward a boss at the end, you’re inching your way in with each trip, meeting objectives and gathering loot, and then trying to get out alive.

      Whereas other MMOs the dungeon is designed so you can make it from start to finish in one trip, in WO the objective is to bit by bit work your way further in with each trip, surviving a little longer each time.