Once again the search party has returned with riches from deep within the Vault! Five times the treasure as before, and just in time for the weekend! Grab a key, ready your weapons and be sure to have your wits about you because Wizardry Online is a whole new level of challenge in fantasy online gaming.


But… but… I have a whole… *rips up the script*     So anyway… 🙂   Once you have your key, head to http://www.wizardrythegame.com to enter it and click submit.  You will then receive an email from SOE with the download information and helpful links to get you started on your way!

Godspeed, adventurers!

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Loktofeit On November - 9 - 2012

10 Responses so far.

  1. Dannyhel says:

    ~~~ Thank You!. ;D ~~~

  2. tonicity says:

    How long do you have to wait for the email once you enter in the key on your account?

  3. Loktofeit says:

    Now that’s a good question! Most people that have posted about it seem to get their email within a few hours. I’m not sure if that was coincidence or just how they are going out.

    • tonicity says:

      Ahh alright, and do you by any chance know if people can get the same key as you when you clicked on the “Get the key” or something along those lines?

  4. Loktofeit says:

    Keys are tied to unique users, so unless something seriously glitched, everyone should have their own key.

  5. Azure says:

    i want a key so bad i saw my friend get one and saw him play it since he lives near me the game is so awesome i have to try!!!!

  6. MasterPrime says:

    I applied for beta a week ago and still got no news, my friend got it the next day after he applied and I applied a few days before her, are some people just not getting in?

  7. Loktofeit says:

    MasterPrime, I’m not sure how SOE is picking from the existing beta pool, but I do know they are emailing a good number of people. Hang in there – your number may be coming up soon. 🙂

  8. skeeby says:

    Im still looking for a key and i have firefall/planetside 2 keys to trade if anyone has extras!!!