Although I was concerned about them venturing out again so soon, they were adamant about returning to the dark recess in search of more scrolls to bring back for anxious adventurers seeking passage into the mysterious and distant realm of Wizardry Online.

I probably should also be concerned that 1) there is some kind labyrinthine dungeon in the back of our Vault somewhere and 2) I have only one other person helping to maintain the site (mad props to you, Draconic) but we have an entire search party for retrieving things from the dark recesses of it.

Whatever the case, if they were anxious to head back then I get the feeling there’s going to be a lot more they bring back this time. I’m going to start making some room. More than likely they won’t return until dinner tomorrow so I’ve plenty of time.

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Loktofeit On November - 8 - 2012

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