The challenge returns.”

Gamer Rando Evans tells it like it is in his preview of Wizardry Online at Wizardry breathes fresh air into the MMO genre by introducing a whole new level of challenge, Wizardry-style. That breath of fresh air has manifested in the form of poison gases, spike traps, massive monsters and more:

“Once you die… you’re dead. No more character. You start from square one. Yikes. That means every battle you take on, every step you take, you’ll be shaking in your boots, sweating profusely, and hoping that this battle won’t end badly or your next step won’t set off a trap.”

Wizardry Online seems to be redefining ‘hardcore’ in MMO gaming, which is a good thing, because its current definition – Do this task 250 times or until your eyes bleed – pretty much sucks.

Link: Hands-On Preview of Wizardry Online with GameDynamo

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Loktofeit On June - 28 - 2012

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